Where You Can Get the Best Mini Lifts for Homes in India

Where You Can Get the Best Mini Lifts for Homes in India

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators (PVE) India is the Indian subdivision of manufacturers and designers of the only vacuum elevators in the world. The idea of having sleek and power-saving mini lifts for home is something that pushed us to create these innovative and exciting pneumatic vacuum elevators. Even though the hydraulic and cable lifts are the most common form of elevators that you can find everywhere, they aren’t very well-suited for residential purposes. Pneumatic elevators take all the disadvantages that these traditional elevators propound and overcome all those shortcomings, making these vacuum elevators an instant choice as mini lifts for home.

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Requirement of Elevators in Your Home

These days even individual houses are being built at such a scale that it would tire people off to cover the surface area by foot. Now imagine these buildings being constructed with three or more floors. This can cause a lot of inconvenience to the people living in the house. Especially if you have elderly people or people with limited mobility in your place, they will find it very hard to commute to different floors. Installation of elevators in your house can put an end to this. These elevators can make things much more comfortable for older people or people with illnesses as they do not have to depend on anyone anymore to move to a different floor. Apart from the comfort, elevators also tend to make your house look much more elegant and increase the overall value of your property.

Why Pneumatic Elevators are a Better Elevator Option for Houses

Pneumatic elevators are the best option as mini lifts for home because of their size. These lifts are much smaller in size, compact, and could fit into any house easily, and still offer enough space around the household. Pneumatic vacuum elevators work on the principle of air pressure. So, apart from the time these lifts ascend, there is no requirement of electricity for the elevator to operate, making them an energy-efficient and eco-friendly elevator. These elevators also have an aesthetically pleasing look with the cylindrical shape, the transparent doors, and walls, and the interior LED lighting. So, pneumatic elevators are a better option from both the comfort and the appearance aspects.

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Types of Pneumatic Elevators

Here at PVE India, we use quality equipment and trained personnel to manufacture our lifts. As a result of that, all our products are efficient, safe, and are of the utmost quality. The elevator requirements for each person might differ depending upon their interests and needs. So, we make elevators of different sizes to ensure that they accommodate your requirements properly. Here are the different types of mini lifts for home available at PVE India.


This is a single passenger elevator with a 30-inch exterior diameter and a weight capacity of 350 lbs. This is a very compact lift and better-suited for houses with limited people and space. If you were thinking that your house is too small to accommodate elevators, think twice before making a decision, as PVE30 could just be the lift you are looking for. These space-saving, eco-friendly elevators require minimal maintenance and come at an affordable price. They are also easy to install and are supposed to work efficiently for a much longer time.

PVE30 - Eco

This is a cost-efficient version of the PVE30 pneumatic lift. This is best suited for houses with two floors as it is capable of making only a couple of stoppings. An economical and energy-saving mini lift for home, PVE30 – Eco is also compact and doesn’t even require a shaft or a machine room to operate.


PVE37 is a two-passenger lift, a bit bigger than the PVE30s’ with a 37-inch exterior diameter and a weight capacity of 450lbs. These air-driven residential elevators can make as many as five stops and a total of 50ft in rising. This is an ideal elevator for most homes as they can be used for a lot of purposes like carrying passengers, pets, luggage, household appliances, and other similar stuff. With minimal maintenance, complete safety, and a panoramic view, these elevators will only add to the elegance of your house.


This is the biggest among our pneumatic elevators in PVE India. However, even the biggest of our elevators are sleek and could easily fit into your house with enough space. This is a three-passenger elevator with a 52-11/16-inch exterior diameter and a maximum weight capacity of 525lbs. You can also add a wheelchair to this elevator to accommodate disabled people and convert it into a two-passenger elevator. Quick installation, compact and innovative design, limited pre-construction requirements, and whatnot, our PVE52 is everything you need in a residential elevator.

Choose the Ideal Mini Lift for Your Home

With this amount of options available, you can choose a lift that perfectly fits the size and appearance of your house. Our elevators come in numerous colors and features, offering you a lot of choices to choose from. All our elevators are ASME A17.7 certified and come with a year’s manufacturing warranty. The vacuum elevators we produce are of aluminum and polycarbonate cylindrical structure and are difficult to break through. With both automatic LED lighting and a fan and a mechanical emergency safety braking system, our elevators take care of both the stylish and safety elements of your house. You can choose the right elevator for your house based on the size of your place. Contact us to know more about pneumatic elevators.

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