Why Choose PVE Home Lifts?

With 20+ years of experience in the elevator industry, PVE has remained the global leader in vacuum elevators. Combining materials and components of the highest quality available, PVE’s patented design and eco-friendly technology offer a faster and more flexible installation while elevating homeowner’s standard of living.

1 Inventor & Original Patent Holders of The Vacuum Elevator

2 Producing Fully Certified Home Lifts For Global Use

3 Premier Elevator Manufacture Since 2002

Residential Elevators

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators: Manufacturing Fully Certified Home Lifts For Use Worldwide

As an innovative, technology-driven company specializing in pneumatic elevators, PVE’s manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu, India is proud to produce fully certified, safe & reliable home lifts for use worldwide. As the original pioneers of the Vacuum Elevator, PVE’s 20+ years of experience in the elevator industry has delivered over 20,000+ successful installation worldwide over 90+ countries globally. With international operations in North America, South America & Europe, PVE partners with authorized distributors across the globe to ensure all customers receive the highest quality product and service for their home lift.

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Pnuematic Vacuum Elevators India Director

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Residential Elevator from PVE

The Original Work Of Art.®

As the only elevator powered by the most abundant resource in the world, AIR, Vacuum Elevators have continued to revolutionize the elevator industry. Combining the utilization of attractive materials with the application of fundamental physics, these air-driven home lifts smoothly move between floors by air suction and gravity. Without a pre-construction pit, shaft or machine room, these space-saving residential elevators have a smaller footprint which allow them to fit into even the tightest applications.

Offering more flexibility of installation, these self-supporting lifts simply rest on the existing ground floor while providing an aesthetically pleasing addition to any home. With three models to choose from, these panoramic elevators have a circular design that offer 360° degree views while traveling up to 5 stops or 15 meters in total rise. Meeting the strictest safety & quality standards, PVE manufactures fully certified Vacuum Elevators that are custom built to each project and are the ideal lift solutions for any retro-fit or new construction project.

About Us

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, USA, Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators proudly manufactures easy-to-install, space-saving home lifts for use around the world. Since designing and manufacturing the first Vacuum Elevator in 2002, PVE continues to innovate, pushing the boundaries of pneumatic technology while expanding our product offerings for our customers across the globe. Producing fully certified lifts that meet the strictest international safety standards, PVE manufactures three models of their vacuum elevators ranging from a single passenger to a three-passenger wheelchair accessible lift.

Powered by Air, each residential lift produced by PVE smoothly moves up and down using pneumatic technology. With fully owned subsidiaries across the globe, each Vacuum Elevator produce by PVE is available for purchase through our growing network of licensed and trained distributors worldwide.

PVE Head Quaters in Miami, Florida