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Pneumatic lift

Ever since the introduction of elevators, there has been a growing market for it. It has been most sought by many sectors that require vertical movement of people and goods. Over the years, elevators have evolved from solving more than just mobility issues. Although that is the prime purpose of elevators, users have found ways to make it a part of their lives to transport anything they need. Comfort and convenience have also become factors to buy an elevator for just a few minutes of effortless travel. Today, there are various types of elevators available in the market each intended to satisfy the needs of the customers. 

This article focuses on such type of lift that has become the most sought after choice for the personal needs of homeowners. 

Pneumatic lifts - An introductions

One such alternative is pneumatic lifts. These lifts have become increasingly popular among homeowners who face severe mobility constraints. Besides helping the elderly solve their mobility issues, these pneumatic lifts have many reasons to be installed in your homes. Pneumatic lifts are simple in operation, unlike other lifts that are available in the market. With the addition of pneumatic lifts, it could also improve your quality of life or the property value over some years down the line



We live in a sophisticated social setting in today’s scenario. People want to have their homes with maximum comfort yet not loaded with clutter. Many homes have elderly people who are spending the rest of their lives peacefully. But, these elderly people face mobility issues due to ageing and medical reasons that moving between floors seems difficult. 

While it is uncommon for homes to have ramps and platform specifically built for elderly people, lifts are a better alternative. Especially, lifts that have the necessary functions that help the elderly traverse between floors. 

But today’s generation frown upon the idea of conventional homes. They are very careful and specific about their living standards. Understanding the long-term benefits of house elevators, Indians are now taking a step forward to redesign their personal space to their liking.


Working of a Pneumatic lift

Pneumatic lifts have been in practice for over a decade. Due to its lack of attention, there has been minimal use for it

Pneumatic lifts are easily operable and require less maintenance. They are designed to fit in any space in your home. They have retrofit designs which means these lifts do not require any pit excavation or carving out of your home to install it. They can simply be carried and placed anywhere in your house. 

However, today we are seeing an increased number of people showing interest in having pneumatic lifts installed in their homes. As most of the Indians are owners of individual homes, they have considered how essential it is to have an elevator for personal uses. 

A pneumatic lift operates under vacuum pressure. A piston and cylinder assembly are the key components in giving movement to the elevator. Air from a reservoir is pumped to the cylinder. The piston compresses the air inside the cylinder which enables the elevator car to move along the axis of the elevator shaft. There are turbines fitted at the top of the elevator to draw air out of the shaft and hold the elevator in place. Brakes engage when the lift reaches the designated floor. Brakes disengage during descent with the turbine allowing the slow entry of air along the shaft axis. 

Choosing a pneumatic lift over other lift types

This is a common doubt that arises for anyone who is new to the concept of installing lifts in their home. Certainly, there are many options to consider while planning to install an elevator. A few factors may include quality, costs, ease of operation, space constraints, etc. But what we want to highlight lies much beyond the commonly known factors. 

Power consumption is the highlight of these pneumatic lifts. With traditional elevators, your electricity bill is likely to get compounded as per your usage. However, with pneumatic elevators, the power consumed is fairly low. These energy-efficient lifts consume less power that it doesn’t even look like an extra burden on your bill payments.

Pneumatic lifts enhance the aesthetics of your existing home design by blending well. Most pneumatic lifts are mono-coloured which indicates there is no need for unnecessary confusion. In terms of spatial requirements, these pneumatic lifts are far better than other lift types. If your home has little to moderate space, these pneumatic lifts will fit right in any spot. According to your wish, these can also be installed inside your home or in any place that needs floor access. 


Pneumatic lifts are easily movable from one place to another. Even if you are shifting to a new place, these lifts just have to be carried with much precaution. Or, when there comes a time to sell your property, buyers will prefer paying more since it also gives them convenience. 

Pneumatic Vacuum elevators - your destination for pneumatic lifts

Once you have landed at the decision of buying pneumatic lifts, there’s another problem for you. Finding the right place to buy quality pneumatic lifts. But, there is no necessity for confusion as we, Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators, cater to your home elevator needs. We are an independent vacuum elevator manufacturer based in four countries around the globe and have served over 20000 clients. 

We have three variants of pneumatic elevators that are ideal for your home based on the people count. We design and manufacture our own elevators and also provide custom mobility solutions to our customers through our elevators. With quality at the forefront of our business, we make sure our customer experience with our elevators is top-notch. Our customer support team is always in place to attend to any discrepancies in your vacuum elevators. 

You can call us at  +91 75503-98777/333/111 or send us your details here and we’ll get in touch with you.


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