Buildings in India have changed a lot in the past decade. There are a lot of huge, tall buildings in the country now. The residence of the common folk has also been upgraded to a different level. There are more than thousands of apartments with at least four floors, and individual houses also seem to have multiple floors with long sets of stairs. The way apartments and houses are built nowadays, elevators have become a necessity rather than a luxury.

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The need for an elevator

The main reason for the requirement of in-home elevators in India is the number of floors. Elevators can come in as a very good advantage for elderly people who can’t climb up a flight of stairs regularly. There is also the style factor to take into account. Apartments or houses look more professional and classy when it comes to an elevator. It gives a different outlook to the whole building.

How to choose the right elevator

Choosing the right in-home elevator for your house is very crucial, as you do not want to change these things frequently. There are a lot of parameters to consider while choosing an elevator for your house. Some of them are size, safety, maintenance plans, and endurability. You want your elevator to be perfectly functioning for multiple years, as you do not want to be stuck in the lift or constantly repair your lifts.


Safety is always a priority

The foremost factor to consider while choosing your residential elevator is safety. You want your elevator to be very safe and risk-free, as it is also used by children and older people regularly. Vacuum elevators are the way to go for houses as this doesn’t require cables or gears and works completely based on the air suction. This means the chances of breakage are lower.

The door-locks and brake levers are mechanical and are extremely strong to prevent any frequent breakdowns. The elevators also land on the exact level of the floor and will remain there until prompted to move again, helping passengers to get out and get in easily. Another reason why vacuum elevators are safer is that these things land safely on the ground floor in case of power failures and since the door locks are mechanical the people will be able to get out easily.

Size and work mechanism

If you are looking for an elevator inside your house, it is always better to go for a compact one. Vacuum elevators save you a lot of space, and will also have enough space for the members of a household. Vacuum elevators also have fewer parts when compared to conventional elevators. So, there is no need for cables, gears, or machine rooms to operate. Since these things land without any hassle during a power breakdown, there is no need for a backup generator which can also save a lot of room in your home.

The working mechanism of a vacuum elevator is very simple, safe, and also cost-efficient. The fewer moving parts of a vacuum elevator is an advantage not only because it takes up lesser space, but also it saves you a lot of money on electricity. A vacuum elevator needs lesser moving parts because its work mechanism is based on air pressure. This means all that is required for a vacuum elevator to operate is a small vacuum motor and air. The elevator car moves up or down the shaft when the air pressure inside the elevator shaft changes. And when the elevator has to stop, the air pressure is equalized. It is always better to have equipment whose mechanism is simple and easier to understand inside a house.

Cost-efficient and economical

You do not want to spend too much money to build an elevator inside your house. Vacuum elevators are better suited for in-house purposes as it is compact and also cheaper. You wouldn’t want a bigger elevator inside your house as it takes up too much space. Vacuum elevators are of the perfect size if it is used inside a house and also much cheaper than the conventional elevator.

This is also a very cost-efficient way to go, as the need for repair, maintenance, and electricity is also lower. Even though they are a bit expensive to install, these factors can save you a lot of money. Since there are fewer moving parts in a vacuum elevator when compared to a conventional elevator, there isn’t much electricity required. Also, since it works on the air pressure mechanism and doesn’t require a back-up generator, you could save up a fortune on electricity. Which is impossible to consider when you go with the traditional cable or hydraulic elevator.


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Why Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators can be a better option

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators, LLC is an innovative manufacturing company that designs and produces vacuum elevators. Our elevators are certified by LIFT INSTITUUT for following the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standards. We create some of the safest and most reliable vacuum lifts in the world, that could be well suited to your in-house requirements. Our vacuum elevator consists of PVE car locks and special brake sets which ensure that the lift is safer and anchoring on each cabin level. 

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators offer a complete package with much safer, accessible, and cost-efficient lifts. We know our elevators and will put in extra care to assure that there aren’t any frequent breakdowns and the lift keeps functioning properly for years. Get yourself the best possible in-home elevators in India from us.

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