PVE Home Lifts - Options & Upgrades

Colour Options

In-Cabin Upgrades

PVE Home Elevator Cabin with Telephone

Cabin Telephone

An optional phone located inside the cab interior, the In-Cabin Telephone offers a two-way communication for passengers when stationary and/or traveling.

Cabin-Key Lock

An upgrade that limits use to the home lift, the Cabin-Key Lock is a key switch located inside the cab interior which shuts off electricity to the cabin through a turn key. Once actioned, the lift will remain inoperable unit the key is turned upright.

PVE Home ELevator with Cabin-Key Lock feature
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Elevator Upgrades

Smart Home Integration

Make Your Home Lift Smarter!
Integrate Your Residential Elevator with smart home devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Home by including the Smart Home Integration package. This upgrade also allows your smart phone to be used as an additional remote control to command where the elevator cabin travels to.

Split-Unit – Outdoor Machinery

Place the PVE Machinery Outside Your Residence!
Ideal for installations with lower overhead clearances, the Split-Unit - Outdoor Machinery options allows for the PVE Machinery to be installed remotely outside the home. Two 4” inch PVC pipes or a flex hose alternative connects the top of the elevator to the Split-Unit - Outdoor Machinery, with the machinery able to be installed at a distance up to 9 linear meters away.

PVE Residential Elevator extended till Top Floor

Top Floor Extension

Extend the top of your home lift!
Designed for projects with taller overhead clearances, the Top Floor Extension is an upgrade that extends to top of the elevator to terminate 25 mm below the ceiling. Offering a cleaner aesthetic & finish, this upgrade helps conceal any PVC piping or cabling while bridging the space between the top of the elevator and the ceiling.

Earthquake Brackets

Designed for installations in seismic zones, these L Shape brackets allow the residential lift to be bolted to the ground level, providing more stability during any seismic activity.

PVE Residential Lifts with Earthquake Brackets
PVE Residential Elevators with Remote Control feature

Remote Control

Handheld remote that fits in the palm of your hand! Operate your home lift remotely with a single click by including our Remote Control package. Command the elevator from a distance with this easy-to-store remote control. Order single or multiple remotes with your elevator.

Homing Feature

Programmable for all 3 models, the Homing Feature allows the elevator cabin to automatically travels to a pre-designated floor after a specific period of time. Ensuring the elevator cabin always rests at a designated floor after use, this upgrade is pre-programmed during production and is an ideal feature for installations in flood zones.

PVE - Homing Feature

PVE Cutomizations

PVE - Clear Corbonate Panel built body
Clear Polycarbonate Panels

Providing a more transparent finish, Custom Clear Polycarbonate Panels gives your home lift a clearer appearance as no tint is applied to the polycarbonate.

PVE Home Elevators with Automatic Door Opener and Closer
Automatic Door Opener/Closer

Available for all 3 models, installing the Automatic Door Opener/Closers allows the doors to your home lift to open and close automatically once the cabin has arrived.

PVE Home Lift with customized Right Hand Door
Custom Right Hand Doors

Available for each Vacuum Elevator model, the Custom Right Hand Door is customization that ensures the door is hinged on the top left corner when facing the home lift from outside while the handled located in-front of your right hand. (Same Door Swing Must Be Applied To All Floors/Levels).

PVE 37 Model Upgrades

PVE 37 Cabin with Folding Seat
Cabin Folding Seat

Available only for the PVE37 model, this upgrade allows for a folding seat and a handled to be installed inside the elevator car. Offering comfort and ease, manually fold the seat up and down as you sit while traveling.

PVE 37 home elevators with 90° Door Configurations
90° Door Configurations

Have your upper floor doors face 90° degrees to the left or 90° degrees to the right with this upgrade. Positioned in relation to the ground floor door, these 90° Degree Door Configurations require all upper floor doors to be facing the same 90° degree positioning. Only 1 Door positioning available per level. (PVE37 model availability only).